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Estate Planning Forms

Download, print and complete our short estate planning information form by selecting from the appropriate form below:

Our form is deliberately brief in order to be user-friendly. There are additional issues that will be discussed in consultation with one of our attorneys. If you are unsure of any information on the form, simply leave it blank and we will discuss the issue during your consultation. This information form is used to help us become better acquainted with your unique situation so that we can design an estate plan that best fits your individual needs and wishes. If you have made an appointment already or intend to make an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys, please download, print and fill out the form and bring it with you for our first meeting. If you are unable to print out the form, you may instead call our office at (847) 991-2250 to request that we mail or fax the form to you. Please note that filling out this form does not, in itself, create an attorney-client relationship.

For more information on our estate planning process, please see How To Get Started.
Also see How to Prepare for Meeting with an Estate Planning Attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much detail do you need about my assets?

We need to know the general nature and extent of your assets. While we don’t need to know, for example, which stocks you own, we do need to know that you have a brokerage account, how it is titled and its approximate value. Of particular importance is the type of ownership of each account (e.g. sole, joint, pay on death, etc.) and the identity of the designated beneficiaries for retirement accounts. If real estate is subject to a mortgage, that should be noted. For most property, a “ball park” value will be sufficient. Personal property does not to be specifically detailed, unless you have special gifts that you want to make. It may be helpful to summarize an estimate of your net worth, including life insurance and retirement plans. If you have a written summary of assets already prepared, you may bring that with you in lieu of completing the asset information on page 3 of the information form.

2. Do I need to bring deeds or beneficiary forms with me?

No, not for the initial consultation. During our meeting, we will discuss what documents you will need to locate and obtain going forward.

3. Should I tell you if my children or beneficiaries have particular problems, such as a disability, alcoholism, spousal or creditor problems?

Yes. It’s very important that you discuss any special or unique needs that your beneficiaries may have. Often, there are effective ways to plan for the specific needs of beneficiaries in a way that is in everybody’s best interests.

4. Do I need to know exactly who I want my executor, trustee, guardian and agents to be before I come to meet with you?

No. While you should certainly give some thought to who you might want to serve in these fiduciary roles, you don’t need to be certain about who you will name. We can assist you in arriving at these decisions, including discussing when it might, or might not be, appropriate to name co-fiduciaries or a corporate fiduciary.

5. What other items should I consider before my consultation?

  • Age(s) you feel your children and/or grandchildren may be able to handle an inheritance.
  • Any restrictions or conditions you might want on gifts.
  • Any special instructions for personal effects.
  • Contingent beneficiaries should any or all your your primary beneficiaries predecease you.

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