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Beneficiary Representation

In most cases, beneficiaries (and heirs) of estates and trusts do not require their own legal representation. However, if you are unsure of your legal rights, wish to contest or challenge a will or trust, or believe the executor or trustee is not properly carrying out its duties, you may benefit from the advice and representation of your own counsel. You should be aware that the attorney for the executor/trustee does not represent the individual beneficiaries — the attorney represents the executor/trustee, with some fiduciary duties to beneficiaries. You may have significant legal rights to assert for which the attorney and representative are under no legal obligation to advise you of. Many of these rights, especially in probate estates, are extremely time-sensitive.

This office has significant experience with representing heirs and beneficiaries of both probate and non-probate estates and trusts. Generally, the goal of such representation is to ensure that our client’s interests are fully protected and advocated during the estate and trust administration process.

We will thoroughly review and advocate your interests, including:

  • Review and explanation of any pertinent wills, trusts and other estate documents, and any issues and implications raised by them.
  • Correspondence with estate attorney, or if none, representative.
  • Research of applicable statutes and case law, when necessary.
  • Court appearances, pleadings and litigation, when necessary or advisable.
  • Negotiation and assistance in settlement of disputes.

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