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Client Testimonials

Read what some of our awesome, valued clients are saying about us!  The following client reviews can be viewed directly here on

Will, living will and estate matters

Jeffrey and his staff helped set up wills and living wills for my late wife and me. My wife was very ill and these folks couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating given her deteriorating condition. Frank discussions were handled with great care. It wasn’t long after our visit with Jeffrey that she lost her battle with cancer but because we had properly planned with him, resolving any post-death issues were made fairly simple. I heartily recommend Jeffrey and his team and thank them for their help and kindness.
— Russ, an estate planning client

estate probate and IRS filing

He is extremely knowledgeable.
I did most of the leg work with the banks and retirement accounts would have been very expensive otherwise.
— Ruth, a probate administration client

Superb Estate Planner

My wife and I set up a revocable family trust with Jeff Gottlieb. We started the process of deciding what estate planning lawyer to go to about a year ago. We set up meetings with Jeff and another law firm in the area. We felt that Jeff had the expertise and great attitude to put together a trust for us. He exhibited a great amount of patience with us as he translated legal terms in our trust to plain English! We’re glad we finally moved ahead with his firm. We felt the price we paid for their services was fair.
Jeff’s assistant, Kris, held our hands during the entire process. She wanted to be sure our documents were set up properly and that our assets were named properly to the trust. This office even filled out the paperwork to transfer most of our holdings to the trust. This is quite a process, so this help meant a lot to us.
It was a pleasure working with this firm.

— Herb, an estate planning client

Estate contest

I contacted Jeff 4 years ago regarding a family estate matter. It involved an estate contest which most lawyers will discourage because of the unlikely outcome of a positive result. He was incredibly diligent in checking records, citing case law and investigate the options. He explained the process as it wound through the courts and kept me informed. His rate and time were reasonable and worth every penny. He is as good as any top law firm and can hold his own in front of any courtroom. I have nothing but praise for Jeff and his skills as legal counsel. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking estate planning advise.

— Barbara, a contested estate client

Thanks to You and Your Staff!

My husband and I had New Year’s resolutions to update our will and to create a trust for the first time. After all, we are in our early 60s–It was high on our priority list. We talked to many law offices and actually went through a preliminary meeting at a large, high-end firm in North Barrington. We were very surprised when this firm recommended we create documents way beyond our expectations. Plus, the added cost was beyond what we wanted to pay. I called Jeffrey Gottlieb’s office (as well as other smaller firms) afterwards and then (with our busy lives), never followed through to make a decision. Weeks later, I received a phone call from a staff member at Jeffrey Gottlieb’s office, not to pester us, but to let us know they hadn’t forgotten about us. That impressed me and an appointment was set up to meet for an hour’s appointment. My husband is very busy with his job and they were very accommodating to meet with us after hours. We decided to have this office do the work for us. Kris and Laura were SUPER! It took time to get our financial paperwork in order and ensure we hadn’t forgotten anything. They answered questions over the phone when I was unsure about something. Jeffrey Gottlieb and his staff handled the final signing of paperwork in a very professional manner. No “fluff” like the high-end Barrington office, but we didn’t want to pay for fluff. It took almost a year to get this item off our checklist . . . but we have the most accurate, professional documents in a safe place, ready for our family when they are needed. Both my husband and I highly recommend Jeffrey Gottlieb and his wonderful, knowledgeable staff. We got all of the necessary paperwork done for a very reasonable price as well. Thanks Kris, Laura and Jeff!

— Susan, an estate planning client

Estate plan

Jeff and his staff set up my will and trust in a thorough and timely manner. He is very professional and well versed in estate planning; making things easy for me to understand at each step. His services are fairly priced. I highly recommend him!

— Nancy, an estate planning client

Great Trust & Will setup

We needed a Will & Trust and I’m so glad we went to Jeffrey Gottlieb. He and his staff were professional, well versed in the law, and focused on details. They provided quick service and clear documentation. We had been procrastinating our estate planning needs, but once we made the first phone call it was pretty fast and simple!

— Bridgette, an estate planning client

Estate planner review

Jeff did a very professional job working with my wife and I regarding our trust work. He thoroughly explained in great detail the complete process and encouraged us to think about various scenarios which may arrive and plan accordingly. We were extremely satisfied and impressed.

— Michael, an estate planning client

Estate Planning

Jeff did a comprehensive estate plan for me. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He answered all of my questions and explains things well. The entire process was completed in a prompt manner.

— Estate planning client

Jeff Gottlieb does a wonderful job

We had real issues with an executor and her probate attorney, especially since we were out of the state. We hired Jeff, and we immediately began to feel great. He was attentive, competent, and affordable. I’d recommend him highly to anyone in need of probate help.

— Dan K., a probate beneficiary client

Simply The Best

So, I was in need of a Attorney. Who specialized. Jeff was Great.. He was informative…spot on.. Cost was reasonable.. He is NOT a typical Attorney…but one who went out of his way to get the job done.. His kindness and reassuring of the situation, was not only comforting.. but as I said… Spot On.. I can not thank him enough..

— John B., a trust beneficiary client

I strongly recommend Mr. Jeffrey Gottlieb!

I was the successor trustee of a family estate. I hired Mr. Gottlieb to help me settle the estate. I had to deal with a number of relatives, many of whom I had not seen in years. The family trust provided a different distribution of assets to each of the named relatives. One of the beneficiaries was an attorney. My relatives challenged the accounting and tried to micro manage my handling of the estate. It was very frustrating. We had several beneficiaries challenge the trust. We had other relatives who threatened to sue me even though there was no wrong doing. Mr. Gottlieb calmly and professionally helped me through all the challenges. He kept me on task and on schedule. He made sure that I followed all the appropriate steps to settle the estate as quickly and efficiently as possible. He was always there. I don’t know what I would have done without him. I am blessed to have found him. I cannot say enough about his professionalism, his knowledge, his being there for me.

— T.W., a trust administration client

Quality Legal Services

Jeff helped my wife and I administer her father’s trust. He advised us concerning possible legal challenges by dissatisfied beneficiaries, wrote letters to trust beneficiaries, assisted in distributing trust assets, and explained cost and expenses of trust administration. Jeff also helped us with several ancillary matters, i.e. our potential liability for gifting old firearms to a relative.  In all matters Jeff demonstrated great knowledge, experience, and kindness. Most important to us, Jeff was always easily accessible by phone or email, patiently answering our numerous questions. We highly recommend Jeff to anyone having any legal issues relating to wills, trusts, and estates. You won’t be disappointed.

— Angeline, a trust administration client

Review of Jeffrey R. Gottlieb

My review of Jeffrey R. Gottieb is he works very hard to make sure he’s clients are happy and well taking care of. He is very trustworthy, responsible, informative, and honest. I would recommend Jeffrey to anyone who wants fast and professional help with a case that will need excellent advice. The number one observation that I took upon Jeffrey is that I knew with a little faithful we were going to be in good hands. I really appreciate the knowledge and professionalism that Jeffrey upheld and I will definitely recommend him to everyone that needs a helping hand.

— Victor W., an estate administration client

Living Trust Expertise

We live on the northwest side of Chicago and googled “living trust” lawyers to find an office in the area, as well as general information on living trusts. We found the most useful information about estate planning on the web site for the Law Offices of Robert H. Glorich including “How To Get Started”; a confidential estate planning information form; and Living Trust FAQ’s. Upon arriving at the Glorich law offices, we worked with Jeffrey R. Gottlieb, who handled our estate planning. Throughout all our exchanges with Mr. Gottlieb either in person, or via phone or e-mail, we found him to be helpful, knowledgeable, and professional in all our exchanges. We understand that he created the very helpful website information that had brought us to the Glorich law office in Palatine.

— K.M., an estate planning client

Knowledgeable and Honest

Jeffrey helped us with a probate issue that, prior to contacting him, we had been struggling with for six months. We had pretty much given up on solving our problem – we were dealing with an out-of-state will. Other professionals we spoke with told us they could not help us. He handled everything very professionally and was able to resolve our issue in a few weeks. We truly feel that, without his guidance, we would not have been able to settle the matter.

— Rhonda, a probate administration client

Jeff is a very good, honest and fair attorney

Jeff and his staff were and are great to work with, as well as, very honest, professional, competent and fair with all my needs.

— Brent, an estate planning client


Jeff handled my mother’s probate in a very professional manner. He is very knowledgeable on the latest laws and regulations as it pertained to my case. I felt Jeff gave me the insight and information to help me make better decisions. I would highly recommend Jeff and if needed use his expertise again.

— John, a probate administration client

De-Mystifying the Probate Process

Jeff Gottlieb was very knowledgeable, and demystified the probate process for us. It was difficult to lose my mother, but my grief was compounded by the shock of being named the will’s executor. I had no prior experience or knowledge of the legal process involved. Jeff was fantastic. He explained each step of the probate process, initiated all the forms and court documents, appeared in court, and kept us informed throughout the probate period. His experience and calm demeanor gave me the confidence to make important decisions. He always returned e-mails or calls promptly, and answered all of my questions. When my husband and I left his office after our first meeting, I felt as if a tremendous weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Retaining Jeff was one of the best things I ever did.

— Bobbie, a probate administration client

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