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Illinois Probate: Heirs vs. Legatees

By Jeffrey R. Gottlieb |

Last year I wrote about the importance of distinguishing between ‘Heirs vs. Descendants’ in the estate planning context. Today’s post will highlight the difference between ‘heirs’ and ‘legatees’ in the probate context. Heirs (n.): The individuals who by operation of (intestacy) law inherit the property of a decedent who dies without leaving a valid… Read More »

Lancaster Family Tree-2

Heirs vs. Descendants

By Jeffrey R. Gottlieb |

‘Heirs vs. Descendants’ sounds like an oddball method of dividing teams for a family softball match.  Or maybe the sequel to a cartoon movie.  What you don’t want it to be is the legal caption describing the parties litigating your estate because the terms of your will or trust were ambiguous or not what… Read More »

probate court

Formal Proof of Will Hearings in Illinois

By Jeffrey R. Gottlieb |

I recently represented a client in a formal proof of will hearing in Cook County Probate Court (Daley Center 18th Floor).  This type of hearing involves bringing the (usually two) witnesses to a decedent’s Will into court to testify under oath as to the authenticity of their signatures and the circumstances surrounding the execution… Read More »