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New Illinois laws 2016

New Illinois Laws for 2016, Part 1: Probate, Trusts & Estate Planning

By Jeffrey R. Gottlieb |

Happy New Year! As I did for 2015, I want to update readers on select new laws that took affect either 1/1/16 or earlier in 2015. A total of 237 new laws went into affect at the start of the year. This week I will highlight 6 noteworthy laws in the areas of probate,… Read More »

2015 new laws

20 New Illinois Laws to Know for 2015

By Jeffrey R. Gottlieb |

Happy New Year! As the new year rings in, so do new Illinois laws taking affect. Roughly 220 new Illinois laws went into effect on January 1, 2015. Most are mundane and relatively uninteresting. But there are quite a few noteworthy new laws this year. Briefly summarized below (with links to the statute) are… Read More »


Illinois Emergency Contact Database

By Jeffrey R. Gottlieb |

In July 2009, the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office created an Emergency Contact Database. The program is free and voluntary and allows any Illinois ID cardholder (e.g. driver’s license, instruction permit or ID card) to designate one or two people to be contacted in case of an emergency, such as an auto crash. In… Read More »


Illinois Same-Sex Marriage Law Now In Effect Statewide

By Jeffrey R. Gottlieb |

On November 20, 2013, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a law legalizing same-sex marriage in Illinois. While some counties began implementing the law prior to its effective date, the law went into full effect on June 1, 2014. After several years of failing to pass similar legislation, this legislative accomplishment followed on the heels… Read More »


The Illinois Intestacy Will: An Unplanned Estate Plan

By Jeffrey R. Gottlieb |

Are you thinking about creating a Will, but just have not gotten around to it yet?  You’re not alone.  I’m going to be completely honest with you, it’s not as much fun as watching a movie or going on vacation.  Procrastination can be a powerful force. Even if you’ve never thought about estate planning,… Read More »